My thoughts on YouTubers in Japan

Just like in the United States, YouTube is popular in Japan. At least four of the kids in my 5th grade class, including myself, said that they are interested in YouTube. My teachers little sister knows a very famous Japanese YouTuber called Hajime Syacho His funniest  videos are I Made A Slime Bath! and Taking a Coca-Cola bath with Mentos.

Another famous YouTuber is Cooking with Dog. Please look this one up if you are looking for recipes. Unfortunately, Francis the dog and the host of the show passed away in 2016. He was fourteen years old . The channel is for people all over the world because Francis would narrate in English.

Here is a another YouTuber , RRcherrypie It is a good channel for DIYs.

For my last YouTuber I chose a makeup YouTuber. Her name is Sasaki Asahi She does all kinds of makeup tutorials. The one I like the best is Disney Moana Makeup Tutorial.

My favorite youTubers are Baby Ariel, Chloe Lukasiak, Jordyn Jones, Kalani Hilliker and Jo Jo Siwa. I like Baby Ariel’s Jo Jo Siwa Teaches Me How To Dance. My favorite Chloe Lukasiak video is Chloe Dances Through Europe. My favorite Jordyn Jones video is Mothers Day Vlog Puppy Party. My favorite Kalani Hilliker video is My Summer Snacks. My favorite Jo Jo Siwa video is Kid In A Candy Store Lyric Video.

Let me know who your favorite YouTubers are in the comments.

Water, it’s not just what you get out of the tap


On June 15, 2016 the people from the Nishiya water treatment facility came to my school and taught us, the 4th graders, about water treatment.

First, they taught us the history of pipes in Yokohama. Then they showed us a video all about the Nishiya Water Treatment Center. The video explained to us how they treat and clean the water.

Next, we tried freshly treated water. I think, it was so good.

After that we tried treating the water ourselves. We put chlorine in the water. Then we put some other type of of chemical into the dirty water. The water then turned pink. We then studied the water. It was so cool.

Mom found a website that tells you more about Yokohama’s Waterworks Bureau. Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments, don’t worry this website is in English: .

It’s been a long time…


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It has been a long time since I have written a blog entry. Mom is having me write every day for 30 days, so today she said today’s assignment was to bring my blog up to date, so that is what I am doing.

In May 2015, I experienced my first sports day at Japanese school. I did not participate in sports day in second grade since when I started in August 2014 2nd grade was almost half way over. for sports day the entire 3rd  grade did a hula-hoop routine. We also ran an 80 meter race – I came in 3rd out of 6 – right in the middle. After sports day we went on a trip as a family to Yamanashi-ken (ken means state or province) and we saw Mt. Fuji up close. The ryokan (a ryokan is a traditional Japanese hotel) was really nice, they had a foot bath on the roof where you could soak your feet and look at Mt. Fuji. They also had stationary binoculars on the roof so that you could see Fuji-san up close.

In June that same year, at school the 3rd graders grew flowers. Each day we would water our flowers and record how they were growing. Our plants grew beautiful red blossoms that we brought home at the beginning of summer break in July. That’s right, in Japan summer break does not begin until late July and we only had 5 weeks off and 3 of those weeks I was in America. In America we saw my grandparents and other relatives.

In September, we went to Hakone and Odawara. In Hakone we stayed at a ryokan again, ryokans are the best, I love sleeping in my yukata and going to the onsen (hot spring bath). Also, in Hakone we went to the Open Air Museum – it was so cool, I enjoyed seeing many sculptures and even climbing in one – you can read more about the Open Air Museum here: – don’t worry, they have an English language page. We then went to Odawara and stayed at the Odawara Hilton Resort and Spa. It was awesome, I especially liked the water park!

On October 6, 2015 I celebrated my ninth birthday. All my girlfriends from school came over to our house that day  and we munched on cookies and played together.

On Halloween my best friends Elsie and Takara came over for pizza and carrot cake (it was Takara’s Mom’s birthday and my mom made her a homemade birthday cake). After cake and pizza we all went trick or treating on Motomachi Street where it was CRAZY and super crowded but so much fun!

In December we started to prepare for winter break. When they gave us our home work I was shocked! It was 20 pages long! Once break began on December 25 we took a trip to the Japan Alps where I saw snow! Then for New Year’s we went to Tokyo. On New Year’s Eve I didn’t go to bed until 3:30 am!!! I guess that was actually New Year’s Day! I was up so late because I went with Mom and Dad on a first shrine visit of the new year and the shrine we went to was one of biggest and most famous in Tokyo: Meji Shrine – it took from midnight to 2 am to move 500 meters to the main shrine building! I was so tired but Mom said we had to stick with it – I could have fallen asleep standing up! Once we saw the shrine building we got our 2016 good luck charms – an arrow and monkey statue (this year is the year of the monkey) and headed to the train. The next day we slept until 10 am!

In March we had our end of the year tests! I got a C in math! Oh well! 3rd grade was done and it was time for Spring break.

For Spring break we went to Vietnam. My favorite place in Vietnam was HaLong Bay but my favorite thing to do was explore the Mekong River.

On April 5th, I began 4th grade. On that same day, I crashed my bike and broke my hand. I could not play my violin, my koto, serve lunch at school or ride my bike for a month!

Fortunately I was better by May 28 – my second sports day!!!! The entire 4th grade danced the Soran bushi AND this year I WON my 80 meter race!

This month, June, we are studying water and air, so today we did an experiment where you use a plastic bottle and put a straw in it and it exploded – we haven’t yet figured out why this happened but we will soon learn more about this process in class.

Soon summer break will be here, the break will begin on July 21. Last year I had 40 pages of work to do. I wonder how many pages of homework I will get as a 4th grader? Good thing my mom set aside time for me to get it all done BUT I still will have some time off. Mom and I will visit Nara for one week, I will go to sleep away camp in Chiba, I will go by myself for every day for a week to Tokyo for soccer camp, and FINALLY my entire family will go to Bangkok and Phuket Thailand!!!!

Mom says I need to blog more often…I will try. Please leave me a comment. I like seeing what people think.

Matsumoto: a Trip advisory by Eleanor

Welcome Everyone to my first Trip Advisor by Eleanor! Yay!


The Hotel New Station provides a onsen on the top floor and great service. I give it five stars.

Hotel New Station
Hotel New Station

The Hotel Itsuya has a free rental bike stand where you can take bikes and rent them till 5:00 pm. If  you have 10 year old children and younger I suggest you should not try that as they have no child bikes.


Katmandu provides yummy Indian and Nepali food. When my mom and I went there we were treated to Two huge pieces of naan. This too is five stars.

Koba-yashi Soba – best soba in all of Matsumoto. Restaurant is over 100 years old.

Nora eating soba
Soba noodles at Koba-yashi Soba

Big Attractions

Daio Wasabi Farm includes one of the largest wasabi fields in Japan. They serve wasabi ice cream. This ice cream I did not like. Mom tried the wasabi beer, she liked it. For lunch we had salmon donburi with fresh wasabi. It was yummy. I also had wasabi lemonade. This place I give 3 1/2 stars.

wasabi cream and beer
Wasabi ice cream and beer

Wasabi Farm
Wasabi farm

wasabi fields
Wasabi fields


Wasabi lollipops

Matsumoto Castle is a six floor daimyo castle from the late 1500s. Climbing the stairs can be hard for short people and you have to take off your shoes.

Matsumoto Castle
Matsumoto castle

Small Attractions

Ishi Miso Brewery is a place where you can get miso ice cream, miso soup and miso aged three years to take home. I think the miso ice cream tastes like caramel.

Miso Ice Cream
Miso ice cream
miso soup made with miso aged for 3 years - the good stuff!
Miso soup with aged miso
Miso vat
Miso vat

Kaichi School

Kaichi School
Kaichi School
Nora at Kaichi school
Me at Kaichi School


Japanese alps
Japanese Alps

Mountains, sakura, and nora at wasabi farm
The view at the Wasabi Farm

Symbols of Matsumoto
Symbols of Matsumoto

My favorite street:

Nakamake Street
Nakamake Street

taiyaki pancake filled with custard
taiyaki pancake filled with custard

That is Matsumoto.

School in Japan: A Review of Grade 2



Second grade is over. In Japan the school year begins in April so I missed most of the first part of the year since I was busy finishing grade 1 in America and enjoying the summer before I moved here at the end of July. When I arrived in Japan kids were already on their longest break of the school year, around 4 weeks between the end of July and August. In Japanese school we don’t get very long vacations like you do in the U.S. but we do get 15 Japanese national holidays plus about 10 days around the new year, about 9 days off right now, and like I said 4 weeks in late summer.


This the backpack all elementary school kids in Japan use. You can get in colors too but Mom didn’t know that so she got me a black one. I will use the same bag during all my years in Japanese public school.


These are many of the school supplies I started with for Grade 2. I will still use my bags and disaster hood in grade 3. I think Mom will take me to get new indoor shoes before Grade 3 begins.

I had a fun time in school this year in Japan, even though kanji tests weren’t easy and Dad made me study A LOT.


This is me on my first day at Japanese public school back in August. Dad and Mom walked me the first day as we all had to attend an assembly.

My friends at school are Ekurusuton Ema, Shinohara Miyu, Gunji Ray, and Mizukami Midori.

They like Aikatsu and Robots. Ray especially likes Big Hero 6. Aikatsu is a fashion card trading game for girls. I like to play it.


That’s me on the second day of school – walking all by myself.

My favorite thing was Tanoshikata Ninensei. Tanoshikata ninensei is where we write about what was most fun in during second grade. We all wrote an individual bunshu which is a report. I wrote about Hoto Leta, that is where we wrote letters to the 5th graders.

Things that were important this year include: Suho no shiroi uma – is a Mongolian folk tale we read, Yosu arawasu kotoba is learning about the sounds of noises around you and Otegami is the letter by Arnold Lobel in the Frog and Toad series.


Above are the textbooks I had in Grade 2. They are paperbacks. I get to keep them, I don’t have to turn them into the school like my Mom told me she used to have to do. We even have a textbook for gym!

Also during grade 2 we went on Machitanken – which is town exploration. We learn as a class and in small groups how to get around our neighborhood and we learn about the shops, business, offices near our school. I liked visiting the sweet shop and the meteorological center and the western houses on the Bluff.

My favorite subject was zuko which is Art. In Art  I made a project called Motomachi Mansion, a series of houses I made with poster board and a knife cutter. That is how we made the windows, I also used colored cellophane paper to make the window panes and the doors. I also used beads to make window decorations.

In second grade I went on two field trips. I went to Negishi Park and the Zoo. During the trip to Negishi Park I fell in a ditch and had to ride back to school in a taxi while everyone else walked back to school.  At the zoo they have hamsters you can brush, mice you can hold and chicks and chickens to hold. I held a giant rooster!

Yesterday I brought home my report card. I got mostly Bs and a few Cs. I thought Mom would be mad but she was very happy. This is the first time I got letter grades.

Now I am on break but it is a short one. Grade 3 will begin on April 6. I am excited about grade 3. We will have science and social studies.

Before grade 3 begins Mom and I will go on a trip to Matsumoto to see the castle! I hope to write about that next week!

That’s second grade.


That’s me yesterday, heading out to my last day of Grade 2. Later that day Mom and I went to Chinatown to have lunch with my tutor, Nozomi and her son Yusei. After lunch we walked around. It was a good day.

Kitkats part deux: Haneda Airport after school and President’s Day in Japan


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Today after school, we went to Haneda Airport and we shopped for KITKATS!



We went to Tokyo Pop Town and Dad bought me a Bonbonribon [a Sanrio character] quiz book.

IMG_4725    IMG_4742

Here is a question I translating from the Japanese: “What is a very big country that you know”?

Please  answer the question in the comments.

Today I had school but Daddy stayed home since it was President’s Day. Back at home I would have school too because we got fair day off instead.

Tonight for President’s Day dinner Mom made: hoe cakes, turkey bacon, and spinach. When I was small and lived in Northern Virginia, if Mom was working on a Sunday at the Arlington County Public Library, Daddy would often take me to Mt. Vernon. In case you have never been to Mt. Vernon that is George Washington’s home. One time during a visit we learned that hoe cakes were one of President Washington’s favorite foods. Ever since then Mom has made them for me around President’s Day. They are made of white cornmeal, salt, boiling water, and vegetable oil or bacon fat. Mom cooks them in a pan so they get crispy. We like to put honey on them.


After dinner, we had a KitKat taste test. The flavors we had were Strawberry Cheesecake, Wasabi, Hot Chili Pepper, Green Tea, Sakura Green Tea, and Strawberry. The wasabi isn’t really hot but Mom said she still can taste the hot chili pepper one in the back of her throat.

All Dale Mabry kids  tell your parents to watch out for the cool stuff  from Japan at the auction since my Dad is mailing a bunch of stuff to Mrs. Farrell tomorrow and she will create some really cool baskets. Maybe a KitKat basket, a Hello Kitty basket, my favorite pocky and pretz basket, and many more.


The really good Kitkats were Strawberry, Wasabi, Strawberry Cheese Cake and Green Tea.

The strawberry, green tea and strawberry cheesecake were sweet and the wasabi a bit spicy.

Please comment about the blog post Test Complaint as well as this one.



Dear friends and family,when you were little did you have to take long tests close to the end of school?

I did in Florida and I do here in Japan.

In 2014 the state of Florida forced all 1st and 2nd graders to take the SAT test. My teacher Sarah Jane Freeman complained about having to cover the math posters and ABC posters when none of that stuff was on the test. Then the test took about 4 days to finish. 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders had to take the FCAT test but now they take the SAT too. People protested and the FCAT got taken away and got replaced by another test, the SAT which made people mad because they wanted all the testing taken away.

In 2015, the city of Yokohama makes everyone in the Japanese School take a long test. I have to take this test. A lot of kids are under pressure because of the testing but our teacher Mari Kato told us in a cheerful voice, on the day before the big math test which is tomorrow, Ganbate! Which means “Do Good.” I don’t feel the pressure myself so much.

Friends, family please try to do something about that testing in the United States of America and in particular in Florida. Mom told me that the Florida Legislature is considering a bill that will limit testing taking time. It makes me sad to have my friend in 2nd grade and her brother in 1st grade experience the pressure I felt last year.

I hope that bill changes something but for now fight for freedom!

Please comment and answer the question at the top about tests.

Singapore: My First Trip to Southeast Asia


Day 1 First we arrived at the Paya Lebar Singapore Air Base and the Air Mobile Command terminal via a Space-A flight from Yokota AB. We took the train to Yokota the day before and stayed at the Kanto Lodge at Yokota. We had to wake up at 3:30 am to get to the AMC terminal at Yokota for roll call. We were the last ones picked for the flight!

The Paya Lebar AMC terminal is right next to the gate. After we cleared customs and got checked in for the return flight (you have to do this BEFORE you leave Paya Lebar or they won’t let you back on the air base), My mom called a taxi from the terminal and it took us to our hotel – Swisssotel Merchant Court. There we unpacked and changed out of our winter clothes since it was 85 degrees in Singapore (Mom was so happy about that). We also had a snack (the hotel had a nice fruit plate waiting for us in our room).

Next we walked down to the riverfront, there are LOTS of restaurants that were eager for us to eat at their places, many offered us free drinks and more if we picked their restaurant. Mom told me this is the way things are often done in SE Asia but we continued on and walked to Marina Bay and saw the Merlion (the symbol of Singapore) and the number 50 made out of balloons in the water. After that, we went to the Raffles Hotel and I got a virgin Singapore Sling, Mom and Dad got real Slings. The real ones were 27 Singapore dollars each! We also ate peanuts there. Mom told me that 17 years ago when Daddy first took her to the Raffles Hotel for a Singapore Sling that the peanuts were the tiniest ones she had ever seen. On this trip, she said they were still tiny. After we left Raffles we walked to Little India to eat at a Hawker Food Centre called Tekka Centre. We were all happy to get some prata or roti. Hawker food is so good and cheap according to Mom. She said we would eat Hawker food every day in Singapore (and we did!). I was happy that we got back just in time for me to go swimming for a bit before Daddy got too tired.

IMGP0498 IMGP0501 IMGP0541 IMGP0546

Day 2 We went swimming in the morning and back to the river. This time we stopped and had Persian food for lunch. We also walked around the Colonial District and visit the SE Asia History Museum. We also rode the Singapore Flyer which is like a ferris wheel but bigger. We went to Marina Bay Sands but the view wasn’t better than the Flyer. Mom and I went to a Hindu Temple. We saw them praying. It was cool. Then we went to dinner in Chinatown at a different Hawker Centre, this one was called Maxwell Street, I think Mom had some more prata!

IMGP0553 IMGP0561 IMGP0572 IMGP0597 IMGP0624 IMGP0626

Day 3 We swam again in the morning and then went to the Arab Quarter. Dad read about a famous restaurant, so we ate there for lunch. At the Arab Quarter, we went to a museum of toys which had lots of old toys. One of the comic books at the museum my dad had when he was a kid. Also in the Arab Quarter, we visited a very famous mosque  – the Sultan Mosque. Mom had to put on a special long coat with hood since she had on a skirt and short-sleeved shirt, Daddy was okay and so was I since I am a kid. In the mosque, I saw a group of people who looked Chinese. Here is a picture of me with what I think is a Buddhist priest from China but I am not sure. If you know what he is by his dress, please let me know. Later that day, we went to the Night Safari. We saw a Malayan Tiger, an Asian Lion, a Striped Hyena, an African Lion, a Spotted Hyena, a Hippo, and many more animals. At the Night Safari, we rode a tram then we walked the trails and we finished the night with an animal show. We got home at 1145 pm just in time to see the Singapore 50 fireworks for the new year. We didn’t realize it before planning our trip but 2015 is the year the nation of Singapore turns 50 (that is why they had the number 50 made out balloons in the water by Marina Bay). The fireworks were amazing. Mom was happy we could see them from the hotel and that we didn’t have to be outside with the thousands of people all around Marina Bay. The fireworks were also on the TV along with lots of Singaporean pop stars and the President of Singapore.

10906207_10204373568997540_7105536507057016178_n 10435898_10204373563477402_1325772953726126412_n 10906257_10204373564557429_3631141689545104247_n 10906147_10204373599198295_8415994691616663922_n 10891875_10204373596198220_5851165652085048658_n 10888819_10204373598398275_4519197878316576227_n

Day 4 New Year’s Day: Dad and I went swimming in the morning while Mom got a massage in the hotel spa.  Then we went to lunch in Little India at the Hawker Centre called the Tekka Centre again – it was very BUSY. We also looked in many of the shops. I want a sari but Mom says to wait until I am bigger. Then we took the train to Orchard Road where there are MANY fancy shops like Louis Vuitton. From there, we walked to the Botanic Gardens. We all loved seeing all the orchids, trees, and other plants. It was HUGE! The flowers were so beautiful, it is impossible to pick my favorite picture but here are some. Many of the Flowers are named after popular people like Princess Diana and Bindi. After we left the Gardens, we hopped on a double decker bus and we sat on the top deck! When we got off the bus, we went to a FishSpa where little fish eat the dead skin off your feet and calves. The fish liked munching on Mom and Dad a lot but not me so much. Mom told me maybe it is because I still have baby skin and she has old lady skin.

IMGP0631 IMGP0652 IMGP0653 IMGP0717 IMGP0718 IMGP0731 IMGP0732 IMGP0702 IMGP0701

Day 5 We went swimming again! I loved swimming at our hotel, there was waterfall, a slide and kids to play with almost every day. After swimming, we went to the last Hawker Centre located in the Central Business District. Mom thought this one was fancier. We got rice and dim sum and fresh fruit. Later, we took the MRT to Haw Par Villa also known as Tiger Balm Gardens. The Gardens were really pretty, lots of Chinese statues, some though were scary! They were gross. Then we got a taxi and went to the Tiger Brewery for a tour. It was so far away from the center of town that we were almost to Malaysia! After the tour we hung out while Mom and Dad tried on the beers Tiger offers.

IMGP0824 IMGP0833 IMGP0840 IMGP0846 IMGP0847IMGP0852IMGP0854IMGP0859IMGP0866 IMGP0887 IMGP0892 IMGP0893 IMGP0894 IMGP0910 IMGP0923 IMGP0944 IMGP0968 IMGP1001 IMGP1002 IMGP1011 IMGP1013 IMGP1028 IMGP1033 IMGP1034 IMGP1039 IMGP1042

Day 6 We had to get up early (so no swimming) and go back to Paya Lebar to mark ourselves present and be there for roll call at 640 am. We were all nervous about making the flight since it is Space-A and it was the end of holiday break for many and we are the last category of flyers (Category VI – retired active duty military). Dad worried the flight would be full and we would have to buy commercial plane tickets back or stay another night or two. But there were only 16 people for 40 seats on the flight. Mom stretched out and slept and read a book. Dad and I watched Captain America and the Box Trolls on the individual digital players the contract airline provided. When we got back to Yokota around 5 pm, Mom and Dad decided we should just stay at the Kanto Lodge again and come back to Yokohama today. Now we are home and my cats are okay.

I have two more days of winter vacation. Mom says we may do something fun if it isn’t too cold. I will try to be better about my blog posts. I am sorry it has been so long since I wrote one.

Tell me what you think about my Singapore trip and if you have ever been there. I want to go again, Mom says we will and then we will get to go to Malaysia and the Cameron Highlands for tea, strawberries and cream, and hiking.


From Eleanor

Kitkats in Japan

There are many different kinds of kitkats in Japan.  Check out this image from a fellow blogger:

We have not found as many as that person, but we have found the following flavors:wasabi, strawberry, strawberry cheesecake, raspberry, green tea, creme brulee, dark chocolate (Mom says that flavor they sometimes have back home) and pumpkin.

Some of our lucky friends will get packages of them.

Have FUN with the kitkats and let me know which ones you like the best.

At Christmas time (which starts on Saturday here so says Mom – ha ha) we will look for some other flavors (Mom hopes to find a mint flavor).

In March they put out a Sakura (cherry blossom) flavor, I am not sure what that might taste like. Let me know if you want me to send you any kitkats.

Today I don’t have school because I had it on Saturday. We had a big Fall concert. So maybe when Mom and I are out and about we will find more kitkats!



Japanese Gourmet

In Shuzenji, where I went this past weekend, they grow lots of wasabi that is a Super Spicy root that they make into Super Spicy Paste.

There I also got Blue Raspberry ice cream. My dad got vanilla with fresh wasabi grated into it. My Mom got half green tea half vanilla. The next day I got Berry Ice Cream Yum!

In Shuzenji I also bought some Kit Kats. They have a Kit Kat for each city in Japan. I got the Mt.Fuji one because we could see it from Shuzenji. It is flavored Strawberry Cheesecake.

Some other Gourmet foods in Japan includes Sashimi or in English RAW FISH, Sushi, Tempura, Rice, Soup and Cold Soup.

Speaking of Gourmet foods, I like to read cookbooks. Here is a recipe from one of my cookbooks:

How to make Vanilla ice cream without a Freezer

You need

1 cup of heavy cream

1\2 cup of Whole Milk

1\3 cup of sugar

3\4 teaspoon of vanilla ensence

Now mix them together

Now to make your SUPER FREEZER you need

21\2 pounds of ice

11\2 pounds of salt

Now put it together in a plastic bag

Now put the first mix in the bag full of ice and salt

Now toss it in the air for 20 min and then you can open it and put it in a cone or a bowl.

You have your ice cream ENJOY!

This is from the book HOWTOONS by Saul Griffith

Hope you have a fun time making this and reading my blog